About Us


Alive In Song is a nonprofit organization based in Tampa Bay, Florida. We focus on helping people find and develop their musical voices, improving their well-being and the quality of life.



Alive In Song promotes musical expression by providing participation, enrichment and education with vocal expressions, in solo singing and small group performances..



We recently launched and are organizing goodwill programs for health and wellness, family music, and special messaging in communities, service clubs, and interested organizations. We are a registered, certified 501(c)(3) Florida nonprofit public charity.

Our People

We help people find and express their voices musically.

Steve Scott

Steve Scott

Why I started Alive In Song:

I'm passionate about providing music to challenged people, and I'm inspired when we learn together, overcome obstacles, develop musically. and enjoy the process and performances. Together these make a life for me because I can both serve and personally grow as a challenged performer together with all my companions.

What makes me smile:

Music, vocal development, great food with great people, beaches, magic museums, solo/group performances, and advocating the benefits of all these with people who fight for their beliefs.

What turns my smile upside down:

Discrimination, isolation, apathy, complaints.

More about me:

A life-time ago, i supported the operations of several dynamic organizations, "learning the ropes." Later I was so surprised to discover empowerment and support through from singing, despite my apprehensions, thanks to urging from family and friends. I started my efforts developing AiS in 2018, and now am spending my days helping the organization be a thriving champion of musical potential with the challenged. I live its mission, literally, as a challenged singer dedicated to challenged people who want to find and express their musical voice.


Tweet/Email/Fb/Instagram/YouTube me about:

Music, vocalization, performing, vocal development, music advocacy, beaches.

Sophia Herrick

Sophia Herrick

me - in pictures!

From top left- 7x stroke thriver, Aristo studio volunteer, half-marathon walker, cat lover, para-olympian officiate, music advocate/performer

Six weeks from completing medical school a series of strokes ended my career, and almost my life, in 1996. Recovery is a slow painful process. Follow-on stokes sometimes hinder my progress.  My lifelong  passion for music helps keep me strong.

In 2004, I was introduced to the American Stroke Association of Tampa Bay. I walked my first Half Marathon with them at Walt Disney World in 2005. Then I started to sing again thanks to a lot of volunteers and vocal coaches. In 2005 I became the Tampa Bay Stroke Hero. In 2006 after a few more road races, I was the Florida/Puerto Rico Stroke Hero. In 2009, I placed in the top 10 of the Women’s Pop and Country Divisions of the Talent Quest singing competition. In 2010, I placed 1st in the Women’s Country and in the top 5 of the Pop division. I then placed in the top 25 of the Women’s Country division in the Nationals held in Laughlin, NV. The  judges said “come back after you get over your accident!”.  

Later the next year, another stroke set me back, taking mobility, and my voice. I started over again with rehabilitation in 2011. I now sing with Alive In Song, and the Aristo Vocal Performance Studio, and at various events. Music is my passion. I'm always living with music, whether  current events,  my rehabs, or even since before kindergarten through college and beyond, with vocal performance classes and clarinet and guitar lessons.  I’m a determined advocate for the challenged and an International Referee for Paralympic Powerlifting, as well as a gym rat and qualified Paralympic swimmer.  I exemplify Alive In Song's mission, "to a tee!" Please contact me to help Alive In Song bring music to challenged people!

Francine Lancaster


A lifelong voice artist, Francine is now promoting participatory music. Francine first focused on professional singing, and now devotes her career to  helping people to sing and singing with them. Francine finds inspiration in the potential of students of all ages, and brings amazing talent and experiential depth, with accolades including decades as a vocal coach/teacher, and vocal experiences at Julliard, the NY "Met," San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris, and Lincoln Center Operas, San Francisco Symphony Musicians, SF Boys Chorus and SF Girls Chorus, Musical Theater, Music Healer, Music and Choir Director, Vocal Trio "Anjali," AFTRA, AGMA, EQUITY, SAG, Dunedin Scottish Arts Foundation and Dunedin Happy Taps Troupe.

Francine encourages positive interactions between vocal artists in her groups, as this was her personal experience from her own family.  She is finding therapeutic music and singing for Hospice and Hospitals to be very inspiring, because of the joy produced, healing power, and beneficial results. She also loves leading sing circles and teaching voice to all levels, while bringing music from many cultures and various unique ways to bring music. Francine also presently sings for The Mease Memory Care Center and much of her time is also dedicated to helping raise her grand-daughter and giving back to the community.

Michelle Kiernan

Michelle Kiernan

A long time Floridian, Michelle devoted her career as an RN to helping patients. Inspired by their amazing lives and stories, Michelle developed a deep passion for helping her patients get better outcomes. Her resolve stuck with her through her 35 year career. During her career, she introduced holistic practices, including music, to nursing care in various roles over the years. Michelle encouraged positive interactions between patients and family, having come from a large and well-grounded family. Michelle always looked up to her Grandfather, an outgoing, performing, multicultural devoted family man. Her family is known for arriving at the hospital and giving birth minutes later, which happened to both Michelle and her daughter. Michelle almost gave birth to her daughter in the backseat of a '67 green Camaro! Michelle is devoted to helping organize her grandchildren's lives and children's lives, and attends all their lacrosse, football, volleyball, and basketball events. Now, Michelle brings guidance to Alive In Song and is happy spending her volunteering days bringing song to all who can benefit, one program at a time.

Travis Leigh

Travis Leigh

Travis' passion for music and helping people started early in life. While growing up in Tampa, Travis sang with his church choir and later with his High School chorus. He was so fortunate that his chorus got to sing our National Anthem at a Major League Baseball game! Travis also has experience in community development, creating with the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team a Sled Hockey program. Sled Hockey helps physically challenged people play the game of ice hockey. Travis is both a Sled Hockey coordinator and participant. He also serves Triple Knot Productions, a local nonprofit video production company which produces documentaries on people who "Educate, Inspire and Motivate." . Travis now brings his passion for music and community to assist Alive in Song grow in Tampa Bay!