AiS Student makes final preparations for a big day singing at her church...

Sharis is shown playing the piano and singing in Alive In Song’s studio. Her goals include getting comfortable with a microphone and mastering proper diction while singing and playing. She is the music leader this Sunday at her church and will also sing a solo song while playing piano.

She has visted the AiS studio for 10 weeks preparing for this day. She has made great progess towards her goals and we are very happy with her singing and piano playing. Previously, Sharis was less comfortable with a microphone and hearing her own voice. She also had concerns about singing properly while playing the piano. She sang a bit softly and she didn’t finish the endings of her words, they trailed off and, for example, the k, d or t at the end couldn't be heard. She now sings stronger, clearer and more confidently. We can’t wait to watch her Sunday at her church.

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