Grounding Meditation Can Help Prepare for Singing

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

The Concept of Grounding isn’t just good for Meditation, it is excellent preparation for a performance:

Try it! Slow your breathing both in and out to a count of 5. Breath in and out deeply. Close your eyes and become aware of 5 sounds around you. Next, ignore each sound one at a time until only silence

Continue to be aware of your body and posture. Stand straight, shoulders slightly back and chest forward. Arrange your legs to hip width apart, knees loose not locked, or slightly bent. Continue breathing deeply in and out on the count of 5. Relax the tension in your face, then neck and shoulders. Continue to relax muscles in your upper back, mid back then lower back and buttocks. Let this relaxation continue into the thighs and lower legs and finally your feet.

Become aware of those same 5 sounds again one at a time. Next open your eyes, and you may notice how much more relaxed you feel and how much easier it is to breathe. After this opportunity to relax your body and mind and lung expansion training, you may experience benefits in preparation for your upcoming performance!

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