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Hello there! You can learn a lot about me in the ABOUT section of the webpage that introduces you to our organization and each of us that are part of the operations of it. However, I want to thank you for wanting to learn even more about me. So here you go!

My full name is Sophia Marie Herrick Scott, but I just go by Sophia Marie Herrick for my professional name. I am a trained semi-professional Lyric Mezzo-Soprano singer. I have been a member of various Tampa Bay vocal performance studios since 2005. I’ve also sang as a member of a local Blues band, Country band and Christian band in Tampa Bay. Prior to attending medical school I spent some time as an occasional backup singer for a rock band and joining a friend to sing as a duo act in Alabama. While attending college I sang in the mixed chorus and women’s chorus at both the University of Mississippi and Auburn University as well as the reknowned Mount Chorus at Mount Saint Mary’s University. I finalized my vocal and music training under

Sr. Teresita Espinosa at the Mount. I’m currently studying under Giorgio Aristo.

When it comes to being a teacher myself I’m a total hands on, let’s get busy person. I love to interact with people one-on-one and to get to know them well. Oh sure I might be a little flighty at times but that’s just because my brain is working at the speed of light wanting to do a million things with you but I’m only one person and there’s only so much time to get everything done. Or at least that’s the plan. 😁

I have so much to offer and share with you when it comes to music and singing. My background is in both the medical field and in music. (I attended medical school and studied music in college.) Thus I apply the principles of both the health benefits of singing and the basic skill sets of learning to sing properly to my sessions with a dose of humor to make things relaxed and fun.

To relax and have fun myself I like to join my friends a couple of nights a week to sing karaoke. We have several different places at which we like to sing and rotate around these throughout the month. I like the comeraderie and ego boosting of singing with friends who clap for you no matter how bad you sound singing that new song you never tried before. It’s amazing the workout you get from singing too.

I’m also considered a newlywed still having been married to my partner in this wonderful venture, Steve, for almost four years now. We stay busy singing together as a duet, volunteering with our church, singing in the church choir, running this nonprofit, and taking care of ourselves and each other. As physically challenged individuals ourselves we make sure to take time 2-3 times per week to visit the gym and spend 2-3 hours on strength and cardio training to keep our bodies fit for singing.

My other hobbies include reading books (real and on my Kindle), learning to play the Ukelele and the Guitar, whitewater kayaking & funyaking, swimming, walking 5K & 10K races, travel, vising my family, refereeing Paralympic Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting, continuing education of psychology and sports medicine, and continuing education of the health benefits of singing.

Sophia Marie Herrick

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